Taliah Waajid Berry Clean Three-In-One 8oz


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3 in 1 formula that cleanses, softens, and conditions in one session
• Infused with quality ingredients and herbal extracts
• Provides ouch-less, healthy hair for little ones

How to Use:
Step 1: Cleanse (for best results in healthy hair care, see additional steps below)

Separate hair to thoroughly wet scalp and hair. Pour small amount of Berry Clean into your palms.  Rub hands together, apply close to the scalp. Massage scalp, work lather to the ends of hair.  Thoroughly rinse and repeat.  No need to apply conditioner.  Berry Clean is a conditioning shampoo.  Towel-dry hair.  Use Easy Herbal Comb Out for detangling and extra conditioning.

What It Does:
The Berry Clean  Bilberry and Chamomile Formula cleanses, softens and conditions in one setting. Cuts hair shampooing sessions in half. Moisturizes and leaves hair soft and manageable. Quality ingredients and Herbal extracts and free of harsh chemicals. This gentle Berry Clean™formula cleanses, softens hair to make it manageable. Follow the steps in the “How To Use” tab and you are on your way to ouch-less, healthy hair care for little ones.

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